Faiz. 22. A homosexual. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming an ambivert.

A little catch up.

Well, hello everyone. How are you doing? Fine, great? Okay, lovely. Well, i don't really know what kind of topic should i talk about 'cause there's nothing great much happened to me lately. Ummm, oh yeah, Insyaallah i'll be furthering my studies in KPM (Kolej Professional MARA) at Pahang. I know it's kinda far, but yeah better travel far for studies than nothing. Oh TESL? Forget about it, UPU didn't accept my permohonan and most of my friends also tak dapat jugak so i can say the odds aren't really in our favor. It's okay though, actually KPM ni just as a backup plan je, in case tak dapat UPU. But it turned up okay pulak, dapat course bagus. Okay, IPTS yep, mahal? Nope, not really, if you study hard. What do i mean by that? Well, masuk KPM ni pretty much boleh jimat duit, boleh tak jimat pun ada. First, diorang kinda tanggung kau tau, dapat biasiswa and stuff, plus elaun bulanan which is kinda okay. BUT, yep there must be the buts, rules and conditions you have to follow, since diorang dah tanggung engkau, kau kena dapat pointer cantik punya, if you don't, well bayar balik ah! Amboi, orang dah tanggung taknak belajar betul betul pulak. And, this is a really golden opportunity sebab tak ramai dapat, only a few yang lucky je dapat wee. So.. yeah, study hard, get good pointers, Insyaallah boleh further up to luar negara, well, for me, UK of course, i've always wanted to go to Europe. But from what i selalu perhatikan, most of DEC seniors, semua pergi New Zealand. Hmmm okay then, if dapat pergi New Zealand pun okay jugak, at least luar negara, at least kau merasa belajar di negeri orang. Umm yeah, since KPM only offer Diploma, Degree tu you have to ambil dekat IPTA biasa lah. I think it's okay lah kot. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you what course i'm gonna take, well i'm gonna take DEC or Diploma in English Communication. Well, i prefer this one than TESL. Why? Because to me, TESL is more to teaching, you know your chance to be a teacher tu besar tau, especially lelaki 'cause you know there aren't many male teachers out there so aku taknak lah pulak jadi cikgu one day, eventhough it's an honorable job. It's just really not my cup of tea. Umm DEC ni dia ada learn sikit IT in it, marketing, business and macam macam lagi lah so i think career path in taking DEC ni lagi luas kot. Most of my friends ada continue Form 6, ada yang masuk college but not under MARA, and yeah semua dah berpecah lah. Apa lagi haaa, yeah i did mohon dekat Universiti Malaya untuk ambil course Business (I don't want to but my mom forced me to -__-") and i think tak dapat kot, it's okay then. Umm, and my mom just now suruh buat rayuan for Politeknik pulak, dia kata maybe dapat course okay ke, okay i'm gonna buat rayuan, ikut je lah cakap dia. But IF, dapat course yang tak best, well memang aku tolak. I kinda hate my mom for not understanding me tau, dia kata if dapat Poli dekat, mudah lah sikit nak ambil/hantar ke apa. I was like what the fuck, what's the point of dapat tempat dekat tapi ambil course yang kau sendiri tak minat? Ugh. I really hope dapat KPM now. That's all guys.

P/S: Apart from depressing and all the self hating, i think i'm fine for now bye you don't really have to read this actually but yeah whatevs.


Let the pictures describe what i am feeling rite now.