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Well i didn't expect this to happen...

Aloha Sprinklerinos! (Louise's tagline tho)
Hello everyone, you guys remember tak i told you i'll be off to Kolej Professional MARA Indera Mahkota, Pahang this 3rd July, and i told you all the bits and bops of what i'm gonna do there, what's so special about it, what course i'm gonna take there and bla bla bla. Well, NOT ANYMORE. I should have update this long time ago but i was so lazy so i decided to umm tangguh? Yes, well, ummm okay, at 5th June, i went to Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Buloh to do some medical check ups for KPM. But balik je dari check up tu i received a message from Universiti Malaya, saying that my permohonan tu study there telah diluluskan. Well at first i was like WHOOAAAAA hold on hold on, WHAAAT?! Yes, i applied for Business Management dekat sana, just as a backup plan je. Tak tahu pulak boleh dapat. So i told my parents and they were like happy semua, and yes they told me to ambil UM instead of KPM. At first i was like in dilemma to choose whether to take English as Communication (KPM) or Business Management (UM) so i asked my friends, minta pendapat and they told me to prefer UM 'cause UM is the top 1 University in Malaysia and 33 in Asia ahaks.  So UM is more costly than KPM but my parents nak sangat so ikut je lah, lagipun dekat je, dekat KL so weekend senang balik hehe. Lagipun diorang kata nanti kalau dekat Pahang apa apa jadi susah sikit, and nak pergi sana kena spend money yang agak banyak so okay yes i chose UM over KPM. It's okay, i'll try my best untuk mencintai course Business hehe. Oh yeah, i'll be off to UM this 6th July which is this Saturday, if KPM esok dah pergi. So yeaay i'm so excited, i'm hoping for the best, wish me luck! ;)
Barang semua dah beli dah, now tinggal packing je. Oh yes, i'm gonna spend 2 years there instead of 3 years dekat KPM. So, much faster lah tempoh belajar weeee.

Boiii xx.

There you go, surat tawaran.

P/S: By the way, yes i do have geng dekat sana which is my own neighbours/friends since kecil, and they are Fatin and Asya. Yeaay, Fatin ambil Human Resource Management while Asya sama course dengan aku. Isn't it exciting?! Kenal dari kecik, sekolah sama, membesar bersama, belajar dekat Uni pun sama sama weee.