Faiz. 22. A homosexual. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming an ambivert.

Self, why are you so disgusting?

Well... my life is starting to get worst. Everyday is a torture. I got a bad result for my Marketing subject, obviously i'm an idiot. I failed almost in everything. I hate myself. Whenever i see someone else that is greater than me, way better than me, i'm like:
"Wow look at you, being happy and enjoying life."
"I mean wow look at you, you got great looks. I'm super fugly."
"Oh wow how come you can be so clever in everything. Why am i such an idiot?"
"Wow everyone likes you, everyone hates me. I'm so jealous with you."
"Well... i should die. No one likes me anyway, they didn't even know i exist in this world..."

I fucking hate myself. Everyone hates me, i know why... 'cause i'm freaking disgusting. Fugly, yes. Idiot, stupid, yes. Weird, yes. Freak, yes.
Idk what am i bullshit-ing about. Lol no one's gonna read this anyway bye.

Mixed feelings...

Well look at the time, it's 1.30AM and i'm actually taking a break from doing my assignment. Yes guys, yes Uni life is fucking hard. Had to sleep late, and wake up early in the morning, had to do loads and tons of assignments, presentation, dealing with the shitty group members (for group assignment). I don't know, how am i suppose to deal with all of this? How am i suppose to adapt the changes in my life right now?
You know i used to say, "School life is boring...", fuck that, i take those words back. No, school life is the best moment ever. Seriously, i miss all my classmates, having fun and going crazy with 'em, ahhh i miss all of that... except those annoying homeworks lol.

After i graduated from the high school, before going into the University, ahhh that is also one of the best time. February until June, that was the time when i am totally free from worrying about everything. The five months of heaven or i would describe it as 'WoW Months'. You know, just sit at home, playing World of Warcraft with one of my classmates, Aimi, doing quests, killing mobs, leveling my Warlock, just playing games and enjoying life without worrying anything. I can sleep late and wake up at anytime that i want. But now?! Shit, my life has completely changed! I thought going to the University is gonna be fun, but i was wrong. Hell no, it's not fun at all. Uni life is difficult as fuck... i can't... it's too difficult...

So yeah, i miss my school life. I miss my 'WoW Months'. (Elwynn Forest music playing in the background)
*sigh* Fuck my life, i'd rather die right now... bye... back to my assignments...

Me :)