Faiz. 22. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming ambivert.

Self, why are you so disgusting?

Well... my life is starting to get worst. Everyday is a torture. I got a bad result for my Marketing subject, obviously i'm an idiot. I failed almost in everything. I hate myself. Whenever i see someone else that is greater than me, way better than me, i'm like:
"Wow look at you, being happy and enjoying life."
"I mean wow look at you, you got great looks. I'm super fugly."
"Oh wow how come you can be so clever in everything. Why am i such an idiot?"
"Wow everyone likes you, everyone hates me. I'm so jealous with you."
"Well... i should die. No one likes me anyway, they didn't even know i exist in this world..."

I fucking hate myself. Everyone hates me, i know why... 'cause i'm freaking disgusting. Fugly, yes. Idiot, stupid, yes. Weird, yes. Freak, yes.
Idk what am i bullshit-ing about. Lol no one's gonna read this anyway bye.