Faiz. 22. A homosexual. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming an ambivert.

Semester break!

Hey goiiiss! Yes, finally the moment that i've been waiting for, semester break! Finally i can relax for two weeks, without worrying about anything, assignments or whatsoever except the Semester 1's final exam result. Okay, final exam was... hard and stressful as fuck. Especially Accounts paper which was on 28 October (two days ago). I don't even know what have i done, what i have answered, just hoping for the best. Hopefully the result won't be too unacceptable? Or i'd might kill myself lol.

Okay so you know what will i do during this semester break? WoW of course, omg yes finally. I've been longing to play the games ahhh, oh did i tell you guys that i am back on WoW? LOL apparently i can't control myself, the urge to play the games so yeah i made a 'great' decision i think.

Kay that's all just ignore this post okay, i'm currently having a fever so my English is kinda terrible right now. Well my English is already terrible it's just now it's more terrible since my brain can't function well due to the omg kay enough stop bye.


Payahnya hidup.

Hidup ini boleh tahan celaka juga kan? *senyum sinis*