Faiz. 22. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming ambivert.


So, four days ago was my birthday (25th November). Yup, officially 18 yey. How was it? .......

Well it was so much fun, all my classmates did a 'surprise' thing for me, they sang a song, they even bought me a cake, which is delicious 'cause it's chocolate and it's from Secret Recipe hell yeah fucking delicious i tell you. Then after that, they brought me to Midvalley to have more fun, more celebration hell yeah we all together watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Then i go back to my college, go to sleep and yeah it was a really tiring yet fun day, thanks guys i love you so much for celebrating my birthday.

JUST KIDDING. God i'm so bad at lying, the story's too fake LOL.

No celebration. No surprise. No gift. Not so many wishes i got (some of my old friends didn't even wish me, guess they already forgot who i am now, they probably didn't know that i exist). Birthday? Yeah rite, more like nothing day just like a normal day. I didn't even feel special at all... well I've never felt that actually.
Okay... so how was my birthday? Well, I woke up, go to the class. Few of my classmates wished me which is very kind of them to do that love you don't leave me kisses and hugs mmmuah. Then after class, i went to Midvalley, alone, to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which is sooooo fucking good, been waiting for centuries to watch that movie, I've also read the book (just now finished Mockingjay Part 1). And after the movie, i went back to the college and go to sleep, end. Hahaha, what a fucking fun day! What a grand celebration it was!