Faiz. 22. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming ambivert.

Goodbye 2013.

Here I am writing this post instead of celebrating New Year's Eve. Alone. In the room.
2014? I don't know why but I don't really feel the vibe. To me it's like a normal day. Except that I am unofficially turning 19.

This year has been a really really tough year for me. This is the year where my anxiety, depression and insecurity grow much stronger. Oh and also, the pressure of adapting myself into the college life. This year doesn't mean anything much to me.

February until June were the best months ever in this year. Those months were the month where I could just stay at home, play games, watch funny, interesting vlogs of my favourite YouTubers and you know just relax. I don't even have to worry about anything. And my anxiety, depression, and insecurity level is pretty low at that time.

But ever since I went into the college in July, my life has completely changed. I had to socialize with different people, had to deal with their attitudes. Not that I hate meeting new people, it's just that I suck in socializing and making new friends. People usually see me as a freak. Which explain why so many people hates me lol. Umm yeah, college life is absolutely hard for me. Assignments and stuff, really stressing me out.

The worst part ever in 2013 besides the college life was, my birthday. Yes as you know (or you probably don't), my birthday totally sucks. I feel so unappreciated. No celebration. Nothing. Lol just kidding, there's actually one and the only celebration was, watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with... myself. Yeah, MYSELF. Knowing that you have to celebrate it on your own and not with your friends or families or your loved ones (lol I don't even have one) makes me feel super sad like I might jump off from a building.
Yeah... that's how I celebrate my birthday.

So yeah, hopefully 2014 will be different than 2013...... will it be?