Faiz. 22. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming ambivert.

Pathetic bitch.

Am I an attention whore?
I don't beg for any attention.
I don't even need them.
Is it wrong for me to feel like, humble?
Idk, my way of being humble is like, not trying to umm show off myself?

When people say that I am good at something, is it wrong for me to say, "No I'm not that good. I'm stupid actually. I'm so dumb."
Is it wrong for me to say that? To act like that?
Now I know why everyone hates me so much.
Because, they think that I am an attention whore... which is I am actually not.

Just imagine, if someone compliments you, and you say, "Oh thanks."
What would they think?
To me they would be like, "Oh now you're so proud of yourself."
I don't want people to think like that about me.
I hate it.
I'm not the kind of person who likes to show off what I am good at.

God I fucking hate myself.
I'm so confused.
People hates me when I'm trying to be nice.
I don't get this world.

Great now people hates me 'cause I'm such an annoying freak, attention whore and ugly.
If I was an attention whore, for sure I would tell everyone to read this blog.
Tell them, how depressed I am right now.
Tell them, to care for me.
But did I ever do that?

Maybe I should disappear from everyone.
I don't wanna trust anybody.

I don't kn- whatever.
I'm such a pathetic bitch.