Faiz. 22. A homosexual. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming an ambivert.

Jackson and Finnegan Harries.

My life is terrible. My life sucks compared to others. My life is boring. My life is becoming meaningless.

So, I watched the last episode of Rickshaw Run on YouTube channel, Jacksgap last night. It was fun. A bit emotional. But what makes me more sad is... looking at Jack and Finn and their friends enjoying their life. Jack and Finn is like 21 okay? And still they could travel anywhere and do anything they want. They went to India recently for some kind of charity event.
Yeah for sure I would feel jealous looking at them. My life is nothing and pathetic compared to them. I adore them so much. Why? Because of their life lah.

Let me tell you how awesome they are.
First, they are rich as fuck. Which explains why their life is so awesome 'cause dayyuum they could do and buy anything they want.
Second, their appearance. No doubt that they are handsome, very good looking, very charismatic, very confident of theirself. And the way they dress is just absolutely stunning.
Third, they love travelling and they don't have any problem to do that... 'cause daaa they have money okay.
Lastly, they are adored by everyone. Not that I want everyone to like me, it's just the amount of people that hates me is higher than those who likes me. *sigh*

So yeah, how about me?
I'm not rich. I'm ugly (my face is full of 'arts'). I can't even look good. I'm pathetic. I have low self-confidence. I'm not charismatic. I'm a coward, loser, I can't even fight for myself. I can't travel anywhere I want 'cause... *sigh* you already know why. Basically my life totally sucks, that's it.

Oh Jack and Finn, how's it feels like to be like you guys? It must be awesome right? *long sigh* I could never ever be like you guys.

I wonder why God made me? If he wants me to be like this, why don't He just killed me earlier. Just end my life already, I don't wanna live in this world anymore. I'd kill myself if I would...

Kay that's all, I have to do my assignments now ha ha see? I have to sacrifice my life by studying in course that I don't even like 'cause my parents forced me to. If I didn't I wouldn't be able to find any good job and I'll end up being poor as hell. Why am I telling you this omg, I'm such an attention whore ha ha ha nahh don't worry no one's gonna read my blog anyway lol. Whatevs I should stop... I'm getting emotional right now ha ha bye.


This life is starting to be more and more meaningless.
It's so meaningless that I could die from it.