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Tawaran Awal or Sementara from UKM.

Temporary Offer from UKM

Alhamdulillah, I didn't expect to get this offer from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or National University of Malaysia.

I know this is just an early/temporary offer from UKM but still, I'm so glad. Can't be happy yet as I don't know the final result. Hopefully I'll make it through UPU, Amin, InsyaAllah.

Okay okay ready ni, kita nak cerita panjang.

So after half a year I graduated from Diploma in Business Management at University of Malaya, aku dah fikir masak masak yang aku taknak take Business path. Bila tengok course outline for course seperti Marketing, Business Administration, ada banyak subject yang involve calculation. Accounts, Economics, Business Maths and banyak lagi lah. Me, since primary school lagi, subject yang related to calculation, aku memang lemah. I am more of a theory kinda person. Looking back at my result transcript, mana mana subject that involved calculation (Principles of Economics, Principles of Accounting, Accounting and Financial Management etc.) mesti dapat C+ or B- at least haha. So it got me thinking la, do I really wanna take the Business path? I asked myself banyak kali. Try to discover my weakness.

Lepas fikir punya fikir, I decided to study Media Communications/Media related subject. NOT because it's easy, because I think it suits me. So I'm planning to take journalism path. Paling tak suka persepsi orang yang kata, "Oh Masscomm je pun, kacang ah course tu." Honey, no. Each courses ada susah and senang dia. I think the difficulty of the course depends to the individual itself. Orang tu boleh bawa, senang lah. Tak boleh bawa, jadi susah lah. Back to the story, well before sambung UM pun, I was gonna take English Communication at KPM so masa tu memang dah dream dah nak jadi journalist. Then parents told me to sambung UM yadda yadda yadda I did.

Okay now how I applied for UKM pula.

Through UPU la lol! So I put UKM as my first choice sebab ada interview. For degree kena apply 8 courses right, so the rest I applied Media related course juga AND I sorted my choices by rank Universiti. Memang masa apply tu cuak sangat sebab ye lah kena pergi interview kot, tak ke scary. I was like apa lah soalan yang dia akan tanya masa interview nanti haha. Ada juga fikir dalam hati, dengan result aku ni, layak ke nak apply dekat UKM. Sebab masa tengok requirements tu, pointer memang lepas tapi masih lagi rasa rendah diri. But takpe lah, kita cuba kita cuba. So, I applied dalam bulan Februari tak silap, then tunggu je lah. Then I saw on Twitter that boleh semak dah tawaran temuduga, so I checked. First I checked UiTM dulu, sadly tak dapat. Rasa disappointed sikit masa tu. Then I checked UKM, dapat. YES! Happy sangat bila dapat offer interview. Then rasa macam pelik sikit sebab interview dia bukan face-to-face but instead, video resume. I was like, huh?

Guides for the Video Resume

After I read all the requirements, terus cepat cepat draft script for my video. I did a lot of research about tokoh tokoh yang inspirational. Tengok juga video resumes yang past year punya, saje tengok untuk tips and motivational purpose. Bukan tu je, sebab nak faham lagi few stuff about my course tu, I read my younger sister punya textbook. Last year she studied Diploma in Communication at Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor, also known as KUIS. But halfway je sebab dia kata, "Aku tak minat ah course ni." So I finished this textbook in one night called,

Kewartawanan Malaysia: Praktis & Cabaran dalam Era Revolusi Digital by Saiful Nujaimi Abdul Rahman.

This book really gave me a lot of insight about journalism. I knew a lot from reading this book. Alhamdulillah. Ada juga go through my sis punya slides yang mana mana related to journalism/media. Memang stress juga lah, sebab tempoh yang diberikan memang singkat tau. Maybe UKM nak tengok how well we can do our work in such a short amount of time. Of course video resume aku tu aku tak buat sorang. I asked Helmi, my bestfriend, which kebetulan is studying Diploma in Mass Communication at SEGi University. He helped me a lot in terms of recording the video (dia cameraman okay!) and editing the video. I also asked him what he studied so far, what he learned, why choose that course untuk tambah lagi info pasal course yang boleh disumbat dalam kepala otak aku ni hahaha!

Drafts after drafts, finally dapat pun final script. Then plan dengan Helmi and Syamim kat mana nak shoot video resume. Helmi jadi cameraman, Syamim as a person yang drive ke location. Thank you so much to both of you, without your help memang tak dapat lah nak buat video resume tu, even temporary offer ni pun memang takkan dapat haha. Akhirnya after all the hard works, maka terhasil lah video ini.

It is certainly not the best video resume compared to other video resumes out there but at least I tried. It took two days to shoot the video, sebab first day hujan so can shoot separuh je. The rest sambung esok, awal awal pagi shoot to avoid background noise yang teruk in case akan hujan ke. But still, background noise masih boleh dengar lagi despite dah letak background music pun haha. Helmi kata video ni nampak very advertisement-ish sangat LOL! My other friends ada comment, yang I look like I'm out of breath, WELL NO SHIT! Duration video 3 minutes je kot, and I have a lot to tell UKM why I deserved to study there haha. Memang every words counts!

So yeah that is all. Ni baru temporary offer, hopefully dapat lah final offer masa UPU announce result nanti. I really want to further my study at UKM, so bad! Now I just have to wait for the final decision this August. Eeeekkk so anxious thinking about it!

Bye! xx