Faiz. 22. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming ambivert.


As it rains heavily outside with loud thunders, I'm typing this while eating my Roti Butterscotch as my breakfast and lunch, at my Kolej Kediaman, alone in the room with no lights on. It's quite dark.

I just want to say to myself, Happy 21st Birthday.
Hahaha time sure went by so fast, right? I still remember, 5 years ago, I wrote a post on this blog, saying how dull my birthday was. How lonely I felt as no one celebrated my birthday, and now here I am again. Except, the amount of wish that I got, keep decreasing, year by year. This is why I hate this day so much.

If you ask me,
"What's the day that you hate the most in a year?

I would say,
"25th of November."

It's not that I want thousands of birthday wishes from everyone. It's just that... when your own bestfriends pun tak ingat your birthday, of course it feels a bit sad, kan?
Anyway, I guess it's my fault kot... idk maybe I should have been that one loud person yang keep reminding all his friends,

"Hey hey it's my birthday!"
"Hey birthday aku dah dekat jangan lupa wish eh!"
"Hey birthday aku nanti jangan tak bagi hadiah eh!"

Not just senyap je. Kan? I don't know. I mean, I ain't mean shit. Engko sape nak harap everyone ingat birthday kau, eventhough you ingat most of your bestfriends' birthday lol. It's okay.

Alright, kat luar still hujan lebat ni. If past years I would go out on my own, tengok wayang sengsorang as my birthday celebration. This year... I don't feel like it.

"But Faiz, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them baru keluar okay! It's from the Harry Potter franchise, you love Harry Potter series kan? Rugi nya tak tengok harini, as your birthday celebration."

Haha, actually tengah penat sangat ni. Dalam satu minggu ni I had lots of assignments plus softball training. Satu minggu ni total sleep hours only less than 10 hours tau, haa. So harini macam day off lah to stay in my room and just rest. Oh, malam ni ada selection untuk Tarian Tradisional pula. Plus, mesti ada meeting softball untuk discuss strategy for tournament for SUKMUM esok. Takpe lah, kita sambut birthday kat dalam bilik je lah. Pretend je lah Roti Butterscotch ni some sort of kek Secret Recipe ke apa ke. Hahaha, speaking of Secret Recipe, I still remember, back in the day I would pronounce it wrong. Instead of pronouncing it as "see-krit res-uh-pee", I'd pronounce it as "see-krit rih-saip". Oh my, apa lah.

Alright enough with your hambar stories, Faiz. I'm just gonna... nak keluar pun tak actually. I'm gonna log off lah lol and idk maybe tidur since it's the perfect weather for me to do so. Bye.

P/S: Thanks Farah, Helmi, Nina, Jaja, Ikhwan, and my dearest Mom for the birthday wish. Love you. Also Aimi, thanks bitch for that HB Pencil pic lol.