Faiz. 22. A homosexual. Used to be an introvert, but now slowly becoming an ambivert.

First Semester (Degree)

Hello, it’s around 5AM now (masa aku tulis ni lah) and aku terbangun pukul 3 lebih tadi. Lepas makan biskut sat, cuci muka, and put on Vietnam Mask on my face, tetiba rasa nak write new post pula while waiting for the mask to dry.

Alright, I’m gonna update you about my first semester experience as a Degree student at Universiti Malaya. Ni akan sum up all the experiences I had while in my first semester. Sekarang ni tengah study week, ramai orang balik, so Kinabalu memang tengah sunyi sangat. Tak にぎやか (lively) as usual. Jom start cerita!

So far, I’m not saying that I enjoy gila dekat UM ni, to the point of rasa macam “Wow memang syok gila study kat UM ni, the best thing ever!” No no, belum reach to that point lagi, it’s still too early for me to say that. Dia… okay okay je. Though I can say that, I’m surprised I've never had any bad experiences so far like kena kutuk dengan orang ke, (at least tidak secara serious, depan-depan or obvious), kena pulau because of my personality ke. I’m gonna sound very narcissistic saying this but, so far people enjoyed my existence and I’m pretty sure my loud and outgoing yet a bit introvert personality is one of those things yang buat orang comfortable with me, hee!

Aku boleh kata bila sambung Degree kat UM ni aku memang slowly keluar daripada comfort zone. I started to challenge myself more now, and becoming more positive as well. Self-esteem tidak lah naik daripada 0 ke 100, tapi dia macam 0 pastu naik 20 jap, pastu naik 49, pastu naik sikit 51, pastu turun balik 49. Dia sikit-sikit increase or decrease. But that’s good! Daripada dulu memang often 0 je, asyik malu, and rasa macam oh no I can’t do that, taknak lah let me just be quiet and ordinary, menyorok dekat corner. This time, no. I’m slowly showing myself to everyone, I want people to recognize, and acknowledge my existence, what I’m capable to do.

SERU Programme

This semester, I participated in lot of things. SERU Programme was one of them, which is a programme yang akan boost your soft skills such as communication, public speaking, critical thinking, socialising, and more. Bestnya about SERU ni is that I allow myself to socialised with different kinds of people. I joined it alone tanpa fikir macam eh join lah sebab kawan aku ada join so nanti ada geng. No, aku join tu alone and I MAKE NEW FRIENDS there, which I rarely do sebab I’m an introvert. First programme memang for first years, ada je kawan from the same KK but we didn’t end up in the same group so memang dapat group dengan strangers juga. Second programme, haa ni memang aku sendiri. Participant dia bukan first year je. Final year ada, postgraduate, and international students pun ada! Takde sorang pun aku kenal, well ada lah satu at least, dia sama group dengan aku masa first programme. Second programme ni I won something actually, sebab according to them, I was one of the most active participant hehe.

Discover SERU: Us during our first task,
menyempat lagi nak selfie LOL.

Right after we finished building our own 'Eiffel' inspired tower.

SERU Walking Tall: Taken right after Asyraf,
(right next to me in the picture) finished his presentation.

I had fun knowing these dudes!

Hehe, I won something!

Softball SUKMUM 2016

Oh, I join sports too. Tadi kat Facebook I saw Presiden KK post gambar, saying congrats to all the 8thletes. I was like yeah, but then terfikir, eh aku one of them too! Walaupun tak menang, definitely learned a lot from joining this. Also, dapat kenal kawan baru; widened my social connection. Haha I don’t really do sports you know but yeah I will join again next semester with better effort, if given the chance.

FESKEK 2016/2017

FESKEK or Festival Kebudayaan Kinabalu is a project under kolej, dia menganjurkan satu pertandingan tarian dan nyanyian di mana dia menggabungkan unsur Melayu, Cina, India, dan tarian kaum etnik daripada Sabah dan Sarawak. Projek ni projek mega, meaning dia ada lagi subprojek. FESKEK tu nama projek besar dia, subprojects dia pula adalah macam Pesta Seni Warisan Melayu, Pesta Kebudayaan Cina, Malam Aspirasi Borneo, dan Malam Deepam. Ada lah participation from UPSI, UKM, UiTM, UPM, and IPTS. This one I really… didn’t enjoy the most. Emphasis on didn’t enjoy, not dislike. Mostly because of the financial issue. For this semester I spend around RM60-RM70 to support this project. I felt like eee Biro Dana & Tajaan didn’t usaha hard enough ke, you guys should be able to find a sponsor, tak kira lah macam mana sekalipun. It’s your task, so you know, put your 200% effort into it! But then, it’s a big project, sebab venue pun DTC, dengan prizes nya lagi for the winners so of course involve banyak duit. But still… ada lah rasa a bit tak syok with the financial issue.

Anyway, my position in this project was as Biro Multimedia & Teknikal, so kitorang in charge of stuff like backstage, lighting, dan audio. Kitorang tulang belakang of the event lah – if we fucked up, the whole event fucked up. I did experience jaga lighting and audio during rehearsal, rehearsal je lah. Best juga! But during the real event, aku in charge of backstage je. Memang kelam kabut, lari sana sini nak pass mic, witness peserta pertandingan nervous, bawa props ke pentas semua haha lawak je bila fikir balik. Overall, out of 10 I give 3.5 lol. Due to lack of participation for aktiviti Melayu dan Cina, dia gabungkan kepada dua hari jadi Malam Apresiasi Nirmala dan Malam Deepam. First night tu memang more to Sabah dan Sarawak, Melayu aku rasa takde satu pun lol. I spent money bukan untuk subprojek aku sendiri, lol. Didn’t enjoy handling this project that much, honestly. Next semester projek ni still ongoing and pengarah projek required us to collect at least RM150 from each members which made me go like BUTO KAU LAH. I don’t know how to react to this bullshit, but I will, I will find my way to collect the money.

Those were the highlights lah, yang lain macam jadi group leader for TITAS, joined Japanese Skit & Speech Contest and actually won something, and emceeing an award event. I’m not a leader person you know, I’m more of a follower. Tapi bila jadi leader untuk satu group yang kau sendiri tak kenal sorang pun members dia, memang a challenge. But I think I suap them too much, next time I need to be more firm lah so that takde lah aku sorang je melebih buat kerja. Skit & Speech contest, for the skit we got 2nd Place and won RM300 which later we divided into RM100 each sebab group members tiga orang. It was fun lah. Emcee, sudah cerita kan.

Oh wow, it’s 6AM lebih now. Okay gotta solat Subuh and go back to sleep. At 9AM nak pergi main library for a study group. Okay, I gotta make sure that I'll get dean list for this semester, 頑張ってファイズ!

See ya, more stories to come! じゃね!